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Adjunct Professor (Corporate Criminal Liability) - Western State College of Law (Spring 2019)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 2:59 PM | Anonymous
Adjunct Professor - Western State College of Law (Spring 2019)

The Corporate Criminal Liability course addresses the elements of the numerous types of white collar crimes, including theft by means of fraud and deception, with emphasis on investment, real estate, and credit card fraud, wire and mail fraud, identity theft, computer-related crimes, bribery and extortion, money laundering and R.I.C.O. violations including both federal and California statutes. Students will understand and apply the principles of criminal culpability as it pertains to conspiracies, aiding and abetting, and corporate versus individual criminal liability, as well as to understand the nature and function of federal Grand Jury proceedings as they relate to white collar crime investigations and indictments; identify the typical evidentiary issues attendant to a criminal white collar crime investigation and prosecution; and understand the challenges white collar crime situations present to the legal practitioner in terms of ethics and the advisement and representation of clients.  The course is taught as a research and writing seminar, with a research paper or similar project in lieu of a final examination. 

If you are interested, please email Susan E. Keller, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, at skeller@wsulaw.edu.

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